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Would You Like The Chance To Learn An Advanced 7 Step Hypnotherapy System? 

Guiding someone into a Hypnotic Trance is not a particularly difficult thing to learn to do, because trance is such a naturally occurring state.

It's knowing exactly how to use Hypnosis to create positive therapeutic change that's the tricky bit!

The Life Training Systems Advanced 5 Day Hypnotherapy Certification Training is now online as a live 5 Day zoom training. Where I will be teaching my full 7 Step Q.U.A.L.I.T.Y™ Hypnosis Coaching Model.

For more information and to register an interest in this training. Simply fill in your details below and I will send you a free copy of the Introduction PDF Guide explaining the 7 sequential Steps of the LTS Q.U.A.L.I.T.Y™ Hypnotherapy Coaching Model.

Discover These 7 Steps Today

The LTS Q.U.A.L.I.T.Y™ Hypnotherapy Coaching Model is designed to give you a logical 7 step system to help you to guide a client from their current stuck state all the way through to their new positive desired state. Grab this free PDF to find out how!  

Meet Your Trainer

Colin McKay - Life Training Systems

A strong, confident, down to earth and personable coach and trainer, with a 25 year background in operations management and sales management within the Printing Industry here in the UK, New Zealand and Australia. 

Colin was first drawn to Covert Hypnosis and other advanced communication based personal development trainings and processes through his desire to excel; he was looking for answers to ensure his own personal success and the success of his staff and clients. 

Driven by a strong desire to deliver value and a growing fascination for the power of mastering language, through NLP, Hypnosis and Covert Hypnotic Influencing techniques. Colin left the printing industry in 2007 and dedicated himself to the study of NLP, Time Line Therapy, Conversational Hypnosis and NLP Coaching, and after an extended time travelling the world learning from the experts in the field of these advanced modalities of human change engineering, he graduated as trainer of all four as well as being a certified clinical hypnotherapist. 

Colin has been running Life Training Systems Ltd for over 11 years now. He created this 5 Day Advanced Conversational Hypnotherapy Training 7 years ago now and has been successfully delivering it since.

Colin has also created several other advanced Language based trainings with Advanced Linguistic Influencing™ (ALI for short) and Source Pattern Reset™ as well as a comprehensive library of online trainings

Colin is as much a personal coach as he is a trainer with vast experience working with a wide spectrum of one to one coaching clients form business owners and executives through to private individuals that are struggling with aspect of their life that they just can't seem to make work. Oh and finally there's his level of support for his students and clients which is seen by many as the stuff of legend!

What You're Going To Be Learning If You Choose To Join The 5 Day Advanced Coversational Hypnotherapy Training


The control of communication and influence that you can experience when you learn Conversational Hypnosis and the LTS Q.U.A.L.I.T.Y™ Hypnotherapy Coaching Model could be the key to skyrocketing your confidence in being able to create positive change in others. Easily guiding them and supporting them to get beyond their limitations and create incredible results that can start to serve them now!

Within This Advanced Hypnosis training you could be learning the powerful 7 step system for effective coaching along with the advanced language skills and concepts that I use to help my clients create positive and lasting change. Being in command of these resources allows me to track and measure all of the incremental improvements my clients make and helps me to consistantly deliver them successful results.  

Helped by this powerful system for coaching I have created a successful coaching and training business, as have many of my students from all over the world. It is these exact same tools that are now available to you that have been the foundation for that success. Anxiety and hardship is very much on the rise with an ever increasing demand for coaches and mentors to shine a light on a better more effective path. 

    Brief Course Content Overview

  • What truly is reality and how people easily manage to create and wildly skew their own.

  • How being responsible is the secret to having unshakable confidence and personal power. 

  • The simple 5 step formula that when applied will make your journey to success way more predictable.

  • The true formula to manifest into your life all of the things that you want. How to create it and know it to be true and the controllable steps to make it happen.

  • The all important Life Training Systems 7 Step Q.U.A.L.I.T.Y™ Hypnotherapy Coaching Model for positive change.

  • You will learn what Conversational Hypnosis is, how it differs from conventional Hypnosis and how to easily master it? 

  • How to create powerful states of trance in as little as a minute as well as longer inductions and deepening techniques.

  • You will also be able to learn the 3 most important things to say to ensure safety and control.  

  • How to linguistically create a sanctuary and a gateway to transition through to deeper parts of the unconscious.  

  • And how to ultimately resource a client effectively in trance along with the right way to bring them out.  

  • In the second half of the training you will learn the importance of mastering language and how it is the key to creating change.

  • The power of getting and controlling the specifics. How to train your ears to truly listen for Deletions, Distortions and Generalisations

  • How to use ambiguity to your advantage to create influence through unconscious agreement with Ericksonian Hypnotic language skills.

  • And so much more!.......Sign up today and get your free PDF Guide and if you would like to find out more you can request a call with one of our trainers.. 

This (virtual) training will be live and delivered over Zoom over 5 consecutive days. The material will be recorded and all those taking part will get access to these recordings. This is your last chance in 2021 at this price as we are planning to charge £997 for this training going forward!

The Dates Are: 14th - 18th of August 2021

Only £597 Limited Spaces

Special Bonus Package!

  • Lifetime access to the Life Training Systems eNLP Practitioner Online Training. 12 Modules 69 Videos and over 16 hours worth of training. VALUE £397

  • Lifetime access to the Life Training Systems eNLP Coaching Skills diploma training. 11 Modules over 40 videos covering 6 hours worth of valuable material. VALUE £197


    Register an interest in this training by filling in your details below then simply click the yellow YES! I'm Interested button for access today! 

Becoming a certified Hypnotherapy Coach through Life Training Systems will equip you with and advanced set of coaching skills, tools and best practices that will support you on your journey to self mastery as well as becoming a catalyst for positive change in others. You will only be awarded this coveted certificate when you have demonstrated competence in the skills we will teach you. With an open mind focus, flexibility and determination your certificate will be well earned. 

Having earned and been awarded this Hypnosis certification you will know that you have at your command a set of very powerful conversational Hypnosis skills that will need to be respected and used only with the highest integrity. Because of the highly subliminal nature of tapping into a persons unconscious mind through the use of Hypnosis, Colin is very selective in who he is willing to train. Which means all places on this training are only awarded after a thorough selection process.

“The quality of a persons life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavour” ~ Vince Lombardi ~

What Our Students Are Saying

I have recently finished the 5 Day Advanced Conversational Hypnotherapy™ and Source Pattern Reset™ trainings with Colin McKay at Life Training Systems. These easy yet incredibly effective techniques that I've been taught are truly mind blowing. Colin has a tremendous amount of knowledge and wisdom to give and his support is beyond compare. I have started seeing clients and have had some amazing results. I am feeling confident knowing Colin is there to support me and I'm excited to learn even more with plans to attend Colin's Master Practitioner and ALI trainings later this year.

Chloe Lindsay

Health Professional

Colin McKay, is the best in the industry! He has a vast knowledge, expertise, and years of experience with phenomenal support for his students. His energy, time and consideration that he puts into the preparation for the education of his students and love of his craft of teaching is unmatched. Through the learning and application of Colin's teachings I have received, I have gained personal growth, wisdom and a great education in the power of linguistics. The results that I am getting from my therapy Clients and students alike have been absolutely amazing. If you are serious about investing in a high level education in NLP, Hypnotherapy and Advanced Coaching skills then this is the course for you!

James R. Bedwell

Business Owner

I was about to apply for an NLP Practitioner diploma with Life Training Systems when I saw an advert for the chance to train as a Conversational Hypnotherapist. After an initial telephone interview, I was accepted onto the course and I spent a few months preparing for the online course by watching and learning the NLP Practitioner diploma. Next was the live online training, together with a manual containing the Life Training Systems Advanced Conversational Hypnotherapy model and so much more. The live course was excellent, thorough and there's plenty of opportunity to ask questions. After the course you get access to recordings of the live training, together with post course support regarding the techniques and for any questions you might have when working with clients that you want advice on. Colin invests a lot of time with his teaching and his post course support with me has been fantastic. I'm constantly learning and I decided to complete the additional Source Pattern reset training with Colin a month later. It's been a busy end to last year and I now have a coaching business, I have already attracted some clients and the results I'm getting are very pleasing. I'm looking forward to completing further courses with Colin at Life Training Systems in the future. 

Chris Delaney


I have just completed my fourth awesome training experience with Colin. I start my journey with LTS many years ago with NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner, I then study with Colin again with his incredible Advanced Linguistic Influencing Training and now I have just completed this 5 Day Advanced Conversational Hypnotherapy training. Colin, as always, delivered an amazing training experience, my world has once again been changed, my mind and my view of what's possible has been expanded. These new skills have been well explained, demonstrated and practiced in a controlled environment enabling my confidence in these advanced skills to develop. I also have an ongoing corporate coaching and training relationship with Colin which allows me to learn so much more as I watch him masterfully use these techniques to great effect in a corporate environment. 

Laura Simpson

Sales Development And Training Manager

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